ORWH, in collaboration with 27 NIH Institutes and Centers and individual Offices within the Office of the Director, supports women's health research in multiple areas of science, including cancer, human genetics, drug and alcohol abuse, cardiovascular diseases, immune disorders, lupus, infectious diseases, mental health, pain, obesity, pulmonary dysfunction, pregnancy, ovarian dysfunction, and stress.

Effective partnerships also promote increased attention to women's health research issues and ORWH's role as a national and global leader in this arena. Women's health research must encompass global considerations and continue to seek ways to address the pressing health needs of women worldwide.

As a result of the increased attention to women's health research funded by the NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices, women's health scientists, providers, and advocates have gained a strong sense of their capacity to effect change. Research on women's health has become a tangible reality.

NIH-Wide Initiatives