Autoimmune Disease Research Across NIH

NIH supports a broad range of basic to clinical research on autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases. 

Portfolio Analysis

The Office of Autoimmune Disease Research (OADR-ORWH) is currently evaluating NIH’s autoimmune disease research (ADR) portfolio. In partnership with key subject matter experts, OADR-ORWH will curate and analyze research over the past 5 years to generate a baseline portfolio of funded research. For the purposes of this portfolio, OADR-ORWH is including the 144 diseases and conditions that were listed in the NASEM report, Enhancing NIH Research on Autoimmune Disease, as considered to be either autoimmune or co-exist with other autoimmune diseases suggesting potential commonalities in pathogenesis. These 144 diseases/conditions have been divided into 15 sub-portfolios for improved curation by subject matter expertise across different focus areas. The Office of Portfolio Analysis (OPA) supports the efforts to collate the initial sub-portfolios. The list of diseases/conditions and sub-portfolios are shown below.

Understanding the NIH ADR portfolio is critical to identifying opportunities to advance research and assess progress moving forward. This NIH-wide portfolio analysis will inform OADR-ORWH activities and the inaugural NIH-wide strategic plan for ADR.

Results of the ADR Portfolio Analysis will be released as they become available. Please monitor this page for updates.

Graphic display of the autoimmune disease research portfolio graphic

Downloadable ADR Portfolio