MUIUnderstanding and accounting for sex and gender influences on health and disease are key steps toward improving outcomes for all patients—regardless of sex or gender. Introduction: Sex- and Gender-Related Differences in Health is a self-paced training course for researchers, clinicians, and policymakers. The training and Facilitator’s Guide can be used by individuals or teams to initiate dialogue about how—and whether—to incorporate a sex and gender lens into health-related research and clinical care.

Learning objectives for this training are:

  1. Define the terms “sex” and “gender"
  2. Understand the confusion caused by imprecise language
  3. Understand the appropriate applications of the terms “sex” and “gender” in biomedical research
  4. Describe the ethical considerations related to sex, gender, and health research
  5. Explain the concepts of a “sex and gender lens” and the “multidimensional framework”
  6. Describe key regulatory requirements governing sex and gender in biomedical research

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