MUIThe National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) recently released a notice of special interest (NOSI) titled "Research on Co-morbid Substance Use, Substance Use Disorders, and Other Psychiatric Disorders" (NOT-DA-20-004). The notice encourages research project grant applications that will address comorbid substance use and/or substance use disorders that co-occur with other psychiatric disorders. Applicants may propose etiologic investigations to inform prevention interventions, intervention development and testing, and research addressing service delivery strategies for comorbid conditions.

This funding opportunity intersects with ORWH’s areas of interest, as exclusion criteria in biomedical research often include psychiatric comorbidities, which occur more often in women than in men. In practice, such criteria often function to exclude women from important biomedical research related to substance use, substance use disorder, and other conditions. These funds, which have been specifically designated for studying substance use and substance use disorder in the context of comorbidities, will help to redress this exclusion and to characterize associated disease etiologies more precisely, particularly in women. ORWH may consider co-funding research supported through NOT-DA-20-004

Due dates and other details on this NOSI are available here