Date Posted: January 23, 2023

The latest issue of Women’s Health in Focus at NIH explores disparities and workforce diversity in mental health. The feature story discusses mental health disparities, the lack of diversity in the mental health workforce, and Federal initiatives addressing these issues. A guest editorial by Rita Valentino, Ph.D., Director of the Division of Neuroscience and Behavior at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), discusses NIH support of research to promote a greater understanding of sex differences in substance use disorder (SUDs) and the treatment of SUDs. 

The “Scientist Spotlight” article features Margaret Stockdale, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at the Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). She shares her research with the IUPUI Women in Work (WoW) Laboratory, which focuses on sexual and gender-based harassment.  

Additional articles in this issue describe ongoing efforts across the NIH and journal articles related to mental health during the pandemic, prenatal and mental health care, and mitigating health disparities.

Access the issue here

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