Vivian W. Pinn Symposium graphic identifierOn May 11–12, 2021, ORWH will host the virtual 5th Annual Vivian W. Pinn Symposium, presented by NIH and the Foundation for the NIH, titled “Integrating Sex and Gender into Biomedical Research as a Path for Better Science and Innovation.” Held each year during National Women’s Health Week (May 9–15, 2021), the symposium honors the first full-time director of ORWH. 

Attendees of this year’s symposium will explore specific strategies for (1) creating bridges and capacity across the scientific enterprise to build a broad-based network of government, nonprofit, academic, industry, business, and policymaking organizations; (2) integrating sex and gender considerations into the research enterprise; and (3) applying a multidimensional, cross-sector perspective to women’s health to advance the integration of sex and gender considerations via transdisciplinary approaches and partnerships. Symposium organizers hope to illustrate the scientific, societal, and economic opportunities of integrating sex and gender into biomedical research and the synergistic power of collaboration.

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