Moving into the Future with New Dimensions and Strategies for Women's Health Research: A Vision for 2020 for Women's Health Research is the NIH strategic plan for women's health and sex/gender differences research. As the third NIH scientific agenda for women's health coordinated by the ORWH and released in September 2010, this plan is the product of a highly interactive scientific and public partnership involving more than 1,500 leading scientists; women's health advocates; public policy experts; health care providers; Federal, State, and local elected officials; and the general public.

The strategic plan identifies three crosscutting themes that provide a conceptual framework for integrating women's health within the biomedical research landscape:

  1. Advancing understanding of sex/gender differences in health and disease
  2. Integrating sex/gender perspectives in emerging basic science fields and in translational research and technologies
  3. Fostering partnerships to improve translating and disseminating health information

NIH Strategic Plan for Women's Health Research