Workshop on Idiopathic/Non-Aneuploid Early Pregnancy Loss (EPL): The State of the Science

Date and Time

– July 23, 2021, 05:00 PM EDT

Fertility and Infertility Branch (FIB), Division of Extramural Research (DER), NICHD; Office of Research on Women’s Health, Office of the NIH Director, NIH

Event Information

"The goal of this workshop is to bring together basic and clinical investigators working in the area of EPL that is not related to aneuploidy to identify knowledge gaps, barriers to advancing the science, promising approaches, and needed tools.

This workshop aims to advance mechanistic understanding of implantation and reveal a range of key factors, not limited to genetics, involved in implantation and placentation. Both are important for early pregnancy establishment and maintenance, and abnormalities can contribute to EPL, birth defects, intrauterine fetal demise, and pregnancy complications."

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