Dissecting Gender: Reframing Anatomical History Through the Female Body Webinar

Date and Time

– June 3, 2021, 03:00 PM EDT

Virtual only.

Event hosted by NIH National Library of Medicine.

Event Information

The female body has been a part of anatomical history from its inception, but usually as the reproductive other to the male body. This presentation by Allison Hill-Edgar, M.D., M.F.A., 2020 National Library of Medicine (NLM) Michael E. DeBakey Fellow, re-examines the Western anatomical tradition through the lens of the female body in order to elucidate factors that have framed our understanding of and approach to gender differences in medicine and society. Anatomical studies exist at the intersection of medicine and art, as well as observation and interpretation. Consequently, they reveal much about the practices, beliefs, biases and power dynamics of the cultures in which they were created. Drawing primarily on images and sources from the NLM, this presentation will share an array of often marginalized anatomical works, and highlight many of the related subjects, patients, medical practitioners, anatomists, artists, and activists. This archival analysis reveals the impact of anatomical visual history on current culture and medical practice today.

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