Developing a Climate Change and Health Research Agenda for the NIH: Adaptation, Equity and Big Data Webinar

Date and Time

– August 16, 2021, 12:30 PM EDT

Virtual only

Event hosted by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Event Information

The NIH-wide Climate Change and Health (CCH) Working Group (WG) is presenting a new webinar series—to be hosted by various NIH Institutes and Centers—to educate the public on climate change–related health issues. The first virtual event, hosted by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, will focus on research agendas associated with health adaptation, social justice, and data science—topics in which women’s health is deeply embedded. 

Event Agenda

Event Background

The human health effects of climate change are pervasive. The NIH-wide CCH WG has begun developing an expanded NIH climate and health research agenda, and is coordinating a range of relevant activities in response to executive orders 13990, 14008, and 14012 reflecting the immediate priorities of the Biden/Harris administration
A key part of the NIH response to climate change is disseminating information to the public regarding the most recent and pressing scientific issues and research in this emerging field. In that vein, the CCH seminar committee is presenting this new series in which different NIH ICs will host webinars to discuss key topics that address priority concerns, scientific questions, and exciting research in field.