Building Unifying Systems of Care Addressing Comorbidities in Women and Girls

Date and Time

– December 17, 2021, 05:30 PM EST

Virtual only

Event hosted by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Event Information

This virtual workshop will address the gaps and opportunities for advancing community adoption and implementation of gender-relevant, evidence-based mental health, substance use, cardiopulmonary, and metabolic disease prevention and treatment interventions for women from high-risk and marginalized communities across the lifespan. Addressing social determinants of health and building infrastructure to ensure sustainability of innovations will be important cross-cutting themes.

The workshop will bring together experts—including researchers, clinicians, and community and Federal partners—to:

  • Present the current state of research and critical gaps that need to be addressed in order to accelerate adoption of care models that integrate clinical and population health within well-coordinated, data-driven systems of care; and
  • Examine how an integrated set of evidence-based practices delivered across the entire continuum of health care services (i.e., prevention services, primary care, specialty health care, behavioral health care, and health maintenance) in community-based settings can improve health outcomes in women and girls.