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Director's Messages: About ORWH

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The Office of Research on Women’s Health, part of the NIH Office of the Director, was created in 1990 to ensure that women’s health research is part of the scientific framework at the NIH—and throughout the scientific community. Read more about its history and accomplishments.


  • : Happy 25th Birthday ORWH!
    In celebration of ORWH's 25th anniversary, 200 people gathered for a special hearing on Capitol Hill. Dr. Clayton reflects on the office's founding and its future outlook.

  • : Better Health for All Americans – April is Minority Health Month
    Ethnicity and race play a significant role in the nation's health. As part of its efforts to support the best research toward improving the health of all Americans, ORWH and other institutes make science-based health information available to women of colo

  • : Studying sex differences provides new insights into disease
    ORWH advances priorities for research on women's health and sex and gender differences laid out in the NIH Strategic Plan for Women's Health Research. Pursuing these priorities has resulted in progress toward understanding how men's and women's health dif