Working Groups

  • MUIAdolescent Brain Cognitive Development Committee
  • ACD Diversity Working Group Subcommittee on Peer Review
  • ACD Working Group on Changing the Culture to End Sexual Harassment
  • ACD Working Group on Enhancing Reproducibility and Rigor in Animal Research 
  • Cell Line Authentication Working Group
  • Extramural Activities Working Group Co-Chair
  • Global Health Working Group
  • NIH Rigor and Transparency Working Group
  • Physician Scientists Workforce Working Group
  • Trans-NIH Sex as a Biological Variable Working Group Co-Chair
  • Women in Biomedical Careers Working Group


  • Bridging the Chasm Steering Committee
  • Coordinating Committee on Research on Women’s Health Chair
  • Gender Policy Committee member of European Association of Science Editors
  • MMTF Committee Co-Chair
  • NIH Fogarty International Center Advisory Council Ex Officio Member

Task Forces

  • Clinical Trials Stewardship Reforms Task Force
  • Gender Inequity Action Task Force
  • Research Specific to Pregnant Women and Lactating Women Task Force